Play Baccarat as A Business. How to Play Casino Baccarat and Win!

Learn All About the Baccarat Game. Baccarat rules and Baccarat strategy, and take advantage of casino rules to lower the house edge as a professional baccarat player.

This page will allow you to find a baccarat system and casino strategies that suit your play style in live casino environments and your online baccarat games. Learn how to play Baccarat as a business and start winning. But let's save that for later and jump into discussing this fantastic casino game that most people have only become acquainted with through James Bond books and movies.

Ultimate Guide on How to Play Baccarat.

how to play baccarat. beat the house edge.

My name is Ricki Kristensen,

I am a dedicated baccarat player with over 22 years of live casino experience. I have published Danish gambling articles focusing on mathematical modeling techniques over the years. I have a master's degree in statistics. Since 2008, however, my focus has been on Baccarat, blackjack, and Omaha poker. I have been in a position to be able to make a living from this casino, "Hobby," as a professional card player.

The focus here at will be to provide updated baccarat and betting strategies that you as a player can use to optimize your winnings. This information can also be used when you play online casino baccarat. 

The goal of is to arm you to the teeth with expert baccarat knowledge. Hence, players like yourself will have a fair chance against the casino's many dirty tricks. Also hope I can help make the game a little more popular.

Baccarat statistics is another area I also spend a lot of research time on. In short, there is so much indifferent and unsuitable material online that it is impossible to know what to trust. My goal is to deliver everything from baccarat rules to baccarat strategy that you can 100% trust. Besides, all my material is correct and updated for 2021 casino games and practices. 

Whether you choose to bet on online Baccarat or live at your local casino, the dealer will soon fear your skills at the baccarat table. As a gambler, the goal is for you to become an advantage baccarat player and learn everything there is to know about Baccarat. sdfdsfdsf

Why you should choose Baccarat game as a Gambler.

First, a huge THANK YOU for spending your time here on the website to learn how to play Baccarat and would like to study how you can win more in live and online casinos and not just leave it up to lady luck. 

As I said, Baccarat has been my hobby and passion for 20+ years, and I played my first baccarat shoe in a real foreign casino back in March 1999. Back then, in '99, I knew very little about the baccarat game. Still, I did know that bac should be based on understandable mathematical principles.

I started keeping statistics and records of every baccarat shoe I bet money on. In 2002, I managed to survive my first 1000 baccarat shoes by gambling in real casinos when online Baccarat had not hit the radar yet. The unique knowledge and baccarat experience I gained by playing in a real casino environment gave me that information and the means to continue researching Baccarat. Over the years, I have also studied strategies for casino betting.

I have always based my research on mathematics as the focus point.

My advice here on the Baccarat Edge website is based on sound mathematical principles and an understanding of when to use your mental muscles on the gambling aspect and ignore these mathematical concepts.

What are Baccarat Banque, Chemin de Fer & Punto Banco?

Baccarat was originally a European game invented and first played in Italy. Over time, the baccarat fever spread to other European countries, including France. Baccarat is super popular in many European countries, and the French love this casino game. 

The French version of the game is known as Chemin De Fer.

Another version of the card game is Baccarat en Banque and Punto Banco. The word "Baccarat" is from the French term for the Italian word baccara, which means zero.  Baccarat refers to the value zero, given to all picture cards and all 10s in this casino game. Other variations of the card game include:

  • Ez Baccarat
  • Mini Baccarat
  • Punto2000
  • Super6
  • Chemmy

T is silent in Baccarat, it is pronounced Bac-Cah-Rah.

The card game was introduced to Las Vegas casinos back in 1959, and you could play Baccarat for the first time at the legendary casino The Strip. In the 1960s, American casinos changed the rules away from Chemin de Fer. The player holds the bank and bets against the other players in the old rules. The casinos changed it to the kind of Baccarat we know today where we play against the casino dealer.

Nowadays, the casino always plays against all the players, no matter how they bet their money. There are two types of Baccarat you will encounter in a casino now. There is a more standard full-pit version. It can be recognized on the long casino table with room for 12-14 players, two dealers, and a croupier. Then there is its little brother, mini-baccarat, played at a casino table which is approx. as big as the casino's blackjack table and room for six players and a dealer.

The baccarat rules are the same in both versions of the game. The standard version with the large table has more rituals and generally higher betting limits. You will typically see a minimum bet of $ 25 with maximum bets of up to $ 5,000 or more at these casino tables. The house usually raises these limits for high rollers, and it is not uncommon to see bets of $ 10,000 or more.

Many high rollers from Asia prefer this game, where the casino will meet almost any requirement you could have for your game. You can even eat a gourmet meal while gambling if you play in US casinos. If you lack company, then the casino here also gladly offers you a female or male companion, also known as a shill. These people will stand by your side, follow the game, and cheer on for you.

Practical and simple Tips for playing Online Baccarat

Before we start with advanced baccarat strategy and baccarat systems, let's look at the basic rules of playing Baccarat. 'Bac' is a card game, and it has two sides - the banker and the player. To better understand Baccarat, it can help to compare Baccarat with Blackjack, a casino game that most people are more familiar with.

In blackjack, picture cards count as 10. Your Ace counts as 1 or 11, and your goal is to get as close to 21 as possible. The best blackjack hand is 21. The baccarat rules are a bit different. Here we count picture cards and 10s as zero (0), and your Ace counts as 1. 

Your aim with the game is to get as close to 9 as you can. Unlike blackjack, where you can decide how many cards to draw, you have no choice in Baccarat because the rules determine the draw and when, for example, you must have a third card. 

In blackjack, you hope to get 21 using two playing cards. In bac, you try to get 9 using two cards. This sum is the highest you can get in two cards because you ignore 10s and picture cards as they count for zero.

If you get a total hand sum of 9, then this is called a Natural. However, it can not lose; you can get a tie against the casino if they also hit a natural 9s. Suppose you hit a total sum in the baccarat hand of 8. In that case, this is also called a Natural, and it beats everything except a natural 9.

Natural Winners are profitable for the player because they prevent Live and online Casinos from having an extra chance to draw a third card to improve their 'bac hand'...

In Baccarat, you can bet on both the casino and the player as the winner, and also, you can make bets on a draw. The casino dealer is always the bank/banker. In fact, you do not have to bet on each hand at all if you do not feel like it or if you might be a system player. You can sit back and watch until you decide if you want to make a bet.

Even if you play against the dealer, the casino does not take a side in Baccarat. However, the house takes 5% of winnings (commission) every time the bank bet wins. Casinos do not take a commission if a tie or player bet wins.

Complete player guide to the Baccarat Rules

Play Baccarat for Real Money.

When a player or banker draws a third card, the particular rules are a little more advanced and unique. I have therefore gone in-depth with these rules and details. The complete player beginner-guide to the rules can be found in the navigation menu called baccarat rules

Fortunately, you do not have to know all the casino rules to play, as you have no decision to make about drawing extra cards or whether you should stay. It all happens automatically after all the bets have been made.

Baccarat Strategy and winning casino systems

You can find players who will tell you that they have a winning baccarat system that makes a lot of money by playing in casinos. Can you trust them? You can read their wonderful gambling stories about how they made a lot of money by winning over the house. An example of this is one of my favorite books on casino games by Lyle Stuarts called Casino Gambling for the winner, and it was published in 1978. Although I like the book, it only has fourteen short pages on Baccarat, and Stuart shows you only three 'bac shoes,' all winning.

This example shows that yes, he won big and got a lot of money paid out, but his statistical basis for calling his system a winner was based on far too small a sample size. We do not read anything about his bad days where one may have already lost what he won last time and maybe a little more. I have been fortunate enough to make a paycheck playing Baccarat and blackjack. It has been possible for me to make casino profits in many different countries before online casinos began to gain popularity.

The strategies and systems I write about here on the website I have tested on thousands of baccarat shoes. Suppose these betting methods are good enough for you to get a mathematical advantage with a casino bonus. In that case, they will be made available for free here on

When the site's technical problems have been fixed, I will add my personally developed baccarat strategy and systems. In time I will also stream online casino coaching sessions absolutely for free.

Learn all the casino jargon used by Baccarat players

Before you embark on the fun part, spend just a few minutes learning the various terms used in the game. This card game has some unique phrases and words used when playing online or live. I have added a short description, so you don't get confused, as the game uses many lingoes, which means the same thing.

  • Natural - If the first two cards have a score of 8 or 9.
  • A Cheval - In this game variation, you can play two hands at a time.
  • Coupe - This means a single game. (only one round).
  • Le Grande - Best hand in the game 9. French for big.
  • Muck - This term is commonly used for all cards. There are usually 8 decks of cards, a total of 416 cards.
  • Petite - Baccarat hand where the value is 8. Means small in French.
  • Shoe - Box where all the cards are in and for which the dealer is responsible.
  • Shooter - This is just a modern term for the banker.
  • Standoff - Means the same as draw and tie.
  • Streak - A period where players sit in luck and win or lose a lot.
  • Super Pan Nine - Another version of the game.

Beginner instructions to Baccarat trends

and winning Baccarat Strategy.

Most players quickly become interested in what we call "trend betting." It can be compared to looking for patterns in your baccarat results. Another way to explain it could be you are coming to a river. The sign says:

"Average water depth 60 centimeters."

You quickly consider your options and choose to cross the river as you are high enough to not cause any problems. About halfway, you fall into a 2-meter deep hole at the bottom of the river…

Baccarat works a bit the same way. When we look at the law of averages, then there will be some bumps along the way, especially when we look at short-term results at the casino table. In the long run, however, it is entirely different. Spend some time on the baccarat rules and then start studying my articles with strategies and baccarat betting systems.

In the next section, I go in-depth with the rules of Baccarat games.

Online Baccarat Rules - Master the game James Bond Style!

What is Baccarat? Most players have minimal knowledge of the game. Yes, most people only know about the game through movies like James Bond, as Baccarat is his favorite casino game. Besides, most casinos here in Denmark focus on blackjack, roulette, and slot machines.

You can play Baccarat in almost all casinos worldwide nowadays. In most live casinos, the game has gained a strange reputation. Hence, people only think that Baccarat is a game for the rich. Therefore, the game and baccarat rules are a mystery to most regular casino players.

The irony is that Baccarat is one of the fastest and easiest card games you can find in a casino and is much easier to get started with than blackjack or poker. Here is a fun fact, if you can remember, the movie Casino Royale. The film focuses on a high-stakes poker tournament where James Bond has to play along to defeat the movie's villains.

Suppose you read the original book by Ian Fleming on which the film was based. In that case, the game is Baccarat and not poker. Due to Texas Hold 'em's massive popularity at the time of filming, they chose to switch Baccarat to poker.

Baccarat rules apply to both live and online Baccarat.

Baccarat is, as mentioned before, an extremely straightforward and simple game to learn. The rules are easy and understandable, and there are very few decisions players have to make. Although many people compare the game to blackjack, you have zero decisions to decide whether to stand or take an extra card. Your only finding in a game is to find out who you want to bet on and who wins.

Bank vs. Player rules - who wins in Baccarat?

Which baccarat hand will win, the player or the dealer? You can also place a bet that there will be a tie between you and the casino. How do you decide which hand to win in Baccarat? The answer is that the hand with the sum closest to 9 wins.

Suppose you have played several other card games. In that case, you will probably have to get used to completely different game rules than you usually see in these casino games. In Baccarat, all Aces count as 1, and all picture cards count as zero (0). All other cards retain their value/sum as shown on the playing card itself.

A significant difference compared to other casino games is that the casino dealer will deal only two baccarat hands. It doesn't matter how many players are sitting at the table. There will be one hand for the Banker and one hand for the player. This Baccarat rule means you can place bets without having any cards in a game of Baccarat.

The very idea of ​​Baccarat is that you make bets on what you think will win in each round. The Bank and Player are only used to know the difference between the hands at the table. The opposite of poker and casino blackjack, where each player tracks their playing cards. 

All gamblers at the table can bet on both hands in Baccarat.

The main rule is, as mentioned, that the winner is always the one who comes closest to the sum nine (9), and everyone who bets money on this gets a win. The only time the casino dealer asks you to decide is at the start of the game, where you will choose which baccarat hand you think will win.

By default, your casino offers you three bets where you can bet your money in Baccarat, and they are:

  • Player - This bet pays out 1 to 1.
  • Bank/Banker  - This bet pays 1 to 1 minus 5% commission.
  • Draw/Tie - This bet gives you 8 to 1 odds.

After betting your casino money, the croupier will deal playing cards to 2 hands, each of which consists of 2 cards. All cards are dealt face up and separated to see which hand player and Banker have.

Baccarat Rules - Player's Third Card.

When to stand or have a third card in Baccarat, decisions are predetermined. That means you never have to spend time figuring out what's best for you. The dealer handles all decisions regarding which hand should have an extra card or not, and this is done based on fixed rules.

It is essential to understand that the hand can have a maximum of 9 points. If the total sum exceeds this, you reset the first part of the number (said in another way, then subtract 10). For casino players, this may sound a bit complicated, so here are a few examples to explain the concept so you can understand why the dealer and players do different things.

Let's say the player gets diamonds eight and 7 of clubs. Here the sum in hand would be 5. Because eight plus 7 is over nine, you calculate it as follows.

8 + 7 = 15. Remove the first part of the number (1), and you have five left.

In our second casino example, Banker has two nines. Baccarat hand would be 8. Nine plus nine = 18, then we subtract 10. You can also check out this video and see how to play baccarat.

Understanding when you draw an extra card in Online Baccarat

The PLAYER hand will always be dealt first on the table, then Bank. Suppose the player gets a "Natural," which is when you have 8 or 9 in total. In that case, no more casino-cards, and the winner is immediately declared.

When a player has a total of six or seven, he or she must remain standing. The player will draw a third card at five or fewer. The Bank must remain on two cards at 6 or 7 points. At five or less, the Bank must have a third card based on the following criteria:

  • If a player has 6 or 7, the Banker must have a third card at five or less.
  • If the player has a third card, then the Bank will always draw an extra if they have 0,1 or 2 in total.
  • The Banker has 3 in total; they take the 3rd card if the player's third card is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, or 0.
  • The Bank has 4, and the dealer will draw if the player's three cards are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7.
  • The Bank has 5. Here a card is drawn if the player's three cards are 4, 5, 6, 7.
  • The Bank only draws one card at 6 in total if the player's third card is six or seven.
  • The Bank always stays on two cards at seven.

As soon as both hands have completed, the closest to 9 is declared the winner at the baccarat table. If both hands have the same sum, it will be a tie. Okay, that might have been a little more complicated to explain than I had anticipated. But here's the beauty of the game because you do not have to understand it in great detail as everything is done for you at the table, both in online casinos and live.

It is the dealer's job to handle these things, but it is always nice to check if the dealer is cheating or is making mistakes. I have therefore added this table which is a little easier to understand if you want to play Baccarat and which gives you a good overview of rules:

bac - real money baccarat. casino house edge baccarat games.

Now that we've reviewed the game, let's look at some basic baccarat strategy to get started playing Baccarat online and in real casinos.

Tips, Tricks, and Beginner Baccarat Strategy.

You can play Baccarat correctly in many different ways. Still, one of the most straightforward betting strategies available is to focus your bets on the Bank. It is not the most groundbreaking system, but this is your best bet if you only look at odds.

Many players choose to avoid bank bets as most gamblers have a "me against the casino" mentality. If we look at what kind of edge the house has in Baccarat, then it is 1.24% on the player and 1.06% of your money if placed on Banker bet.

The low casino house advantages are also why many high rollers spend their time on this game. You can make big money on a relatively short "heater." Besides, some online casinos also offer a "No commission" version of the game.

When you play Baccarat NC, you do not have to pay a 5% commission on your Banker bets. I love that it only takes a short period of luck in this game before one can leave the casino with huge winnings without investing in a considerable bankroll.

You can play in many ways that suit your playstyle as you do not have so many decisions to make during a session at the casino. It is also a game at full speed across the field, so it is easy to fall in love with the game!

Advanced Baccarat Strategy, Systems and Card Counting.

Experts have proven with a computer simulator and mathematics that you can get an advantage over the casino. This advantage is possible with a good bankroll (the money you can afford to lose) if you learn to count cards, just like in the blackjack games.

This fact, however, has been exploited by high rollers and baccarat enthusiasts like myself for many years. Your Baccarat edge is not huge, but it is unnecessary to have good money management and not play too aggressively. In the following sections, we will start with these concepts. It can be a big mouthful, so bookmark so you can read the articles when you have time.


Beat the casinos counting cards - Baccarat strategy by Ricki Kristensen.

Card Counting and Solid Baccarat Strategy

Most players know that you can defeat casino blackjack by counting cards; however, the baccarat procedure is a little different, and it confuses a lot of players.

Contrary to many people's beliefs, there are effective ways to count cards in Baccarat, although it is different from card counting in other games. If you become a good player, you can get a mathematical advantage; however, your edge is not huge.

Counting cards, also known as "counting cards," is a baccarat strategy used for multiple gambling by professional players to win over the casino. Briefly explained, this is a strategy to predict with great accuracy which cards at the baccarat table will be drawn in the next few rounds.

In Danish, card count or counting the cards is a professional technique best known for being used in blackjack. However, there are three main areas in which the method can be used as a Baccarat strategy to win a little more. These professional strategies can be used in online casinos with live dealers and in your local casino.

An advantage of card counting in Baccarat as opposed to blackjack, for example, is that there are not many different methods to confuse you. Still, there are two mathematically sound baccarat strategies that you can focus on instead.

Baccarat Strategy - How to Count Cards In Baccarat

Once you have learned this baccarat strategy, you have such solid basic knowledge to further develop how you can match your personal playing style. Aggressive or passive. Are you interested in baccarat trends? Are you a grinder who plays hundreds of baccarat hands with small winnings, or do you go for short sessions with high winnings…

Whatever your style of play, you can tailor this baccarat strategy, and if there is also a focus on a good money management strategy for the economy, it is a huge win.

This baccarat strategy's cornerstone tells you when to play on the player instead of on the bank. The basic plan is that we always start by playing on the Banker when we count cards until the baccarat strategy tells us it is time to change bets.

Casino Strategy to win at Baccarat.

Here is a brief summary of how to use this baccarat strategy to determine when to bet on the various baccarat bets. This strategy is based on your casino using six to eight decks at their baccarat tables. You can also use it at tables with only one deck by making a slight change in strategy.

  • When you start with a new shoe/deck in Baccarat, you create your count at zero (0).
  • Each time cards are dealt at the table, you change the count in your head according to the "card count" rules, which will be explained soon.
  • The number you constantly calculate in your head is called baccarat count.
  • To find "true count," you must divide your count by the number of decks that approx. is back. An example could be your count is 20, and there are approx. 4 decks left. Your true count is then 5 (20 divided by 4).
  • If the true baccarat count is higher than 15 in baccarat games that use 6-8 decks, you need to start betting and focusing on the player bet.
  • If your baccarat game is a single deck, you must bet on the player when your true count is 11 or more.
  • When the dealer changes shoes at the table, your count starts from zero again.

This is all you need to know to make the strategy developed for baccarat work. However, you must also know the cards' actual values for this system. Therefore, always remember the following baccarat values:

  • ACE-2-3: These playing cards have the value +1 in your count.
  • FOUR: Counts for +2 in your baccarat count.
  • 5-7-8: These cards count for minus one in this system (-1).
  • SIX: Counts for -2 in this strategy for counting cards.
  • 9-10-J-Q-K: These cards have the value 0 in your count.

If your baccarat count is at 10 and there is a diamond 4, you will add +2 to your 10, and your new sum becomes a count of 12. If the next card is king, then the number does not change. It can take time and lots of practice to learn, but it is a solid baccarat strategy that all players should learn!

Practice baccarat strategy and

casino systems before playing in the casino!

If you are the type of player who is serious about winning over the casino, then it requires lots of practice before you become a champion Baccarat player. It requires that you, as a player, invest a whole lot of hours practicing counting cards.

Baccarat is based on simple rules and lots of action at the table where there is not much waiting time between the hands being played and one's bets. Therefore, it is a game for both regular players and high rollers. There is usually a long way between the minimum and maximum bets at the tables, so there is room for all gamblers, whether you play passively or aggressively.

Use Bankroll Management in all Baccarat Strategies.

However, money management, also called bankroll, is super important if you want a chance to survive the bad periods that all players run into from time to time. The reality is all players will have to accept that the possibility of bankruptcy at the table is always there and that one can be gripped by tilt and greed.

However, this can be remedied if you plan to manage your money. You do not have to make these crucial decisions in the heat of battle against the casino. Personally, I would never set foot in a casino without a baccarat strategy and a plan for how I spend my casino money. The biggest beginner mistake in Baccarat I see regularly is when a player brings all his money to the casino table.

An advantage player is never 100% dependent on having Lady Luck on his side, and besides, they do not think they can change their odds at the table…

On the other hand, an advantage baccarat player knows that if you have a solid strategy and a game plan for managing your bankroll at the table, you can survive the big downswings and still have money when the recovery hits. Thus, you still have a great chance of leaving the table as a winner.

Tip # 1 How to manage money when you Gamble in Baccarat.

There is an end to everything good, and the same applies if you have a good winning streak at the tables in the casino. Therefore, many good players use a strategy to set a limit in advance for how much you want to lose and what you want to win.

Let's say you have USD 3000 you want to lose on your entire trip to the local casino and that you will be happy to win USD 1000 in total. You can then divide your money into 3 stacks of 1000, and if you lose a pile, you take a short break at the Baccarat table before you continue playing.

Likewise, if you have 1000 USD in profit early during your baccarat session, you stop when you have reached your winning goal.

Tip # 2 Avoid all-in betting in Casino Baccarat.

It is always stupid to bet all your casino money on an all-in bet. Our goal is to survive long enough at the table that we can see a good ROI (return on investment) by taking advantage of the excellent baccarat periods. Betting all your money is only something that can be recommended if you are James Bond and recording a movie, and thus know you will win your all-in bet…

Tip # 3 Tailor your Baccarat strategy to your bankroll!

It can not be said enough, but it is super important that your bankroll matches your baccarat strategy. If you have a small bankroll, it is not super wise to play an aggressive play style at the Highroller table.

Instead of risking all your money on larger bets, you can run with a money management style where your money is divided to match the baccarat strategy you play at the table. You can do this by, for example, always having 50-100 units when you play Baccarat. If I have USD 10000 in online casino bankroll and want this money to stretch, I want to play a little passively.

I then divide these 10000 into five bankrolls of 2000. Each "roll" is then divided into 50 units. I know then that I can play at a table where the minimum is USD 40 per bet, and also, I have a limit for losses and winnings.


Baccarat system for grinding casino bonuses.

Effective in both real casinos and online by card player Ricki Kristensen.

Win Playing Baccarat - Super Efficient Baccarat System.

In this part of, you can find different baccarat system(s) and strategies. Along the way, you can quickly learn a lot about online casino strategy and what you as a player should look at when choosing a baccarat system or method to play after. Just dont try to cheat like Phil Ivey did.

To start with, I have chosen to focus on a baccarat betting system called "The Grinder." This so-called strategy is developed for online casino games but can also easily be used in live casino games. This Baccarat system can give you a house edge when you want to win at Baccarat online. It is a strategy that can also be used in other games like roulette and blackjack, but you get the best results in online Baccarat.

The Grinder Baccarat System is developed for the slightly more passive player who can keep his or her focus on the baccarat table for several hours at a time. And would like to play many hands and baccarat shoes with hundreds of small bets and a more or less passive approach to the game. To gain a definite mathematical advantage over the casino with this baccarat strategy, you must play with an online casino bonus.

Here at the beginning of 2021, I chose to give the baccarat system a fair shot on Pokerstars, which has some good baccarat tables to choose from. Though I had planned to write this article, I decided to spend some time playing the system again.

The Grinder system was the first baccarat system I fell in love with when I started playing Baccarat on a more severe level. Although I did not have an online bonus on PokerStars while testing the article's baccarat system, it went "decent," as you would say in Denmark. 

baccarat house edge beaten. cards are dealt.

It ended with a WHOLE LOT of gambling on online baccarat. Exactly, I got to play ten baccarat shoes. All in all, just over 800 baccarat hands at the "no commission" baccarat table where there is no commission, having to pay on bank/banker bets. Luckily I chose the fast live casino version of the game to play a maximum of hands per hour.

When I play in an online casino, I always log my baccarat games, so I have my statistics afterward. I can get detailed statistics and evaluate my game at the baccarat tables. My stats from this gambling session were as follows. Unit size $ 10 minimum per bet and this is what stats after ten baccarat shoes / 800+ hands played:

  • Shoe 01 - 32 player / 39 banks / 7 ties - $ 390 won.
  • Shoe 02 - 30 player / 40 banks / 8 tie - $ 240 won.
  • Shoe 03 - 35 player / 37 banks / 6 tie - 0 $ (no loss or profit).
  • Shoe 04 - 40 player / 33 banker / 8 tie - $ 100 lost.
  • Shoe 05 - 29 player / 46 banker / 8 tie - 560 $ profit.
  • Shoe 06 - 39 player / 33 banker / 8 tie - $ 210 lost.
  • Shoe 07 - 39 player / 37 banker / 5 tie - $ 60 lost.
  • Shoe 08 - 32 player / 42 banker / 8 ties - $ 240 profit.
  • Shoe 09 - 32 player / 40 banker / 12 tie - $ 340 profit.
  • Shoe 10 - 43 player / 27 banker / 10 ties - $ 230 lost.

All in all, a profit of 1170 $ where I was never down with more than 50 $ in the hole. A super good session where banker bets won just over 46% of all bets. Also, I have wagered over $ 10,000 + at the baccarat table. This baccarat session shows why this baccarat betting strategy is so scary effective at unlocking your casino bonuses.

However, it must be taken into account that this was a whole day at the online baccarat tables and that without "counting cards," we only make bets on the Bank and never on a draw.

Easy Baccarat Betting System.

This baccarat betting strategy comes in many different variations and has many names. It is an excellent baccarat system if you plan to play fairly safely but still have a chance to get the most out of your hot baccarat streaks.

The Baccarat system can succeed in other casino games where your winning chance is close to 50/50. This form of betting is also called even-money bets in many online casinos.

The baccarat system's very cornerstone is that we have a betting strategy where we either bet one, three, two, or six units on the Bank/Banker bet (1-3-2-6). It can be used with or without card counting and is therefore perfect for taking advantage of online casino bonuses.

Mathematically, this baccarat betting system works so well with a casino bonus because of the low house edge in casino baccarat. Baccarat has a super soft casino house edge, and it is close to being a real "even money" bet. Therefore, one will also anticipate that there will be periods where one wins many stakes and where different trends will emerge. 

The goal of the baccarat strategy is to stay in the game long enough to utilize these hot streak periods to our advantage and without going bankrupt before.

Some might think this baccarat betting system is too passive but does not realize that the design changes to be aggressive when we hit the baccarat table's good times. The system's very idea is that we go after winning four bets in a row outside of significant stakes. If we do not count cards, then it is mathematically best for us only to make Banker bets.

If you use this baccarat betting system for games other than baccarat, you do not have to bet on the same even money bet four times in a row. An example could be roulette, where people love to bet on red and black. Whatever betting pattern you choose, you must use it consistently in your baccarat session so that the "law of averages" is on your side.

Baccarat Casino Betting Plan 1-3-2-6

The grinder strategy is that we use a 1-3-2-6 casino baccarat betting plan where our first bet on the Banker bet is always 1 unit. The plan's subsequent bets are 3, 2, and 6 units. Our casino chips can have any value as long as it is not below the baccarat table's minimum or max limits. How much you can bet is always highlighted when you play online baccarat. 

For new baccarat players, I recommend that you not go over 10 dollars per unit. If your betting plan says you have to bet six casino chips, then it will cost you sixty dollars in total if your unit size is 10. A winning cycle is when we have won all four bets in our baccarat betting plan. As mentioned before, it is called 1-3-2-6. We always start by betting 1 unit, and we only move on to the next step in the plan if our 1 unit bet wins. If you as a player lose a baccarat-bet before you have a winning cycle where you have won all four steps in the betting plan, you have to start all over again with 1 unit.

There will be periods where you do not move on from the first step as you are in a lousy period/trend, but because the baccarat strategy has been well crafted, it only costs you 1 unit each time. The unique thing about this system is that in good times, it costs you only 1 unit of your own money to bet the three chips in step 2. Then it is casino money we use for our bets.

Or put more simply, we only invest two units for the chance to win 12 units profit in total.

Experiences with the Baccarat grinder system

Let's take a closer look at our betting strategy and how it works in practice. Let's make it a little easy and say our unit is $1 and our odds are 1: 1 (even money), then your first bet in this scenario will be $1. If you win, you now have $2 on the table, where you then add $ 1 extra to bet three units in the next step. If this bet on three chips wins, then there is now 6$ on the baccarat table where you now choose to put 4$ in your pocket and only bet 2$ in step 3 of our betting system.

If the three baccarat bet wins, there is now 4$ on the table itself, and we take 2$ from the pocket from before, so our last bet in step 4 is a total of six dollars. A winning bet in the final step gives us $ 12 in winnings. Since we only invested $2 of our own money and had $2 in profit from our plan's previous efforts, we have $12 in net profit.

To understand the baccarat strategy, we also need to look at the different scenarios where we do not have a profit. If we lose on step 1 of the 1-3-2-6 plan, our loss is a dollar. We start all over again with our betting plan. If we fail at step 2 in the baccarat system, we are two dollars in the hole (2 units) and the highest loss of our own casino money we can face in the baccarat system.

When the third step does not succeed, we still end up with a small profit of 2 dollars. If we lose on the last stage, we neither lose nor win anything as we then go to zero in our betting cycle (break-even). Remember that we always start over when we lose no matter what step we are on in our baccarat system.

The beautiful thing about this way of playing baccarat is that we only risk two units of our own casino money to have a fair chance of winning 12 dollars in pure profit. It also means you can handle quite a few nasty streaks where you lose on steps 1 and 2 and never get all the way through and get a winning cycle. You also do not have to force yourself to decide whether to stop or continue and thus avoid playing too passively or greedily.

You will have good and bad days at the baccarat table.

Of course, there will also be the bad days where the baccarat table jumps back and forth with a maximum of one or two wins in a row before it changes until you lose. Personally, it was a system like this that got me started on winning consistently in baccarat and helped me build my bankroll up to be able to cope with the bad swings you will at some point run into whether you play baccarat live or online.

A thoroughly tested betting strategy for baccarat can give you lots of experience without going bankrupt. If you find the excellent baccarat tables online and play with a good casino bonus, then you also have a mathematical edge towards the house. However, people have a tough time not getting greedy or going all in to win back what was lost.

I invested in having a baccarat bankroll of 750 units before I started "grinding" baccarat online at and other online casinos. I also used stop loss/win for the goal in all my casino sessions. I played thousands of baccarat hands each month to free up bonuses and other promotions comparable to Rakeback in online poker.


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